Contact Information

Town Clerk
Jennifer McCormick | Email
 Deputy Town Clerk
Cecillia J. Iovine

Part-time Clerk
Leandra Gallagher

P: (845) 534-9100
F: (845) 534-4387

Town Clerk
183 Main Street
Cornwall, NY 12518

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm


The Office of the Town Clerk consists of an elected town clerk and several staff members. The office is the gateway to town government. The Town Clerk is responsible for many specific duties including but not limited to the recording and maintenance of Town records and serves as an accessible and responsive source of Town information to all.

Services Provided by the Town Clerk:

  • Minutes from the Town Board meetings and public hearings
  • Vital Records-Birth/Death Certificates & Genealogical Requests | Forms
  • Marriage Licenses | Forms
  • Primary and General Elections | Forms
  • Sporting Licenses (fishing and hunting)
  • Games of Chance and Bingo Licenses
  • Freedom of Information Requests | Contact Town Clerk
  • Handicapped Parking Permits | Form
  • Notary Public
  • Munger Cottage Reservations
  • EZ Pass | Form
  • Peddler's Permits
  • Copies of Codes - including Master Plan, Zoning Book and Zoning Map.

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The Town of Cornwall Town Clerk’s Office issues Handicapped Parking Permits to Town residents who meet New York State criteria for disabilities.

Forms are available in our office or click the following link and you can download an application at , which you can take to your Medical Doctor to fill out and sign. We will also accept a note from your doctor on his letterhead that fully explains your medical disability.

Your doctor must also specify whether you have a permanent disability or a temporary disability.

Temporary Handicapped Parking Permits expire in six months from the date of issue. If after 6 months your doctor determines that you still require Handicapped Parking privileges, he must re-issue a medical note or fill out another application in order for you to get a new temporary permit.

Permanent Handicapped Parking Permits last for 5 years. You will receive notification to renew your permit or you may stop in our office just prior to your expiration date. You do not need to return to your doctor and get any further medical certification.

Please bring the completed application along with your driver’s license to our office. Each person is entitled to ONE permit. This permit may be taken with you and used in any motor vehicle in which you are traveling.

If you have any questions about Handicapped Parking Permits, please call our office at (845)-534-9100.

The Town Clerk’s Office is the custodian of all records for the Town of Cornwall. After filling out an application or sending a letter explaining in detail the documentation you wish to view, we will notify you, usually by telephone, when the items are available. Copies of any documents are generally 25 cents per page. Contact Town Clerk at (845) 534-9100 or [email protected]

The Town Clerk’s Office administers on behalf of the Orange County Board of Elections any and all General and Primary Elections held in the Town of Cornwall. This task includes coordinating Election Day Workers at the various polling places, arranging for the set-up of voting machines at polling places, transferring to and from the Board of Elections all election day supplies, reporting to the Board of Elections the vote tallies on election night, among many other duties.

The office also has voter registration forms and absentee ballot applications. These forms are filled out by you and then sent to the County Board of Elections in Goshen.

Voter Registration Form | Absentee Ballot

The Town Clerk is a notary and is available to notarize documents. If you would like to call in advance to schedule an appointment or time to come in, please call (845)-534-9100.

Munger Cottage  

The Town Clerk’s Office coordinates scheduling of all access to Munger Cottage for all town-based and civic organizations. Please call the Town Clerk’s Office to schedule a time and date. Please submit a written request for access to the Town Clerk’s Office. Additionally, the attached application must be completed and delivered to the Clerk's office prior to the event. 

The Town of Cornwall’s Dog License Law states that ALL dogs four months and older shall be licensed and that a current rabies certificate must be kept on file.

Obtaining the original license is done in the Town Clerk’s office.  A current rabies certificate must be presented, as well as a spayed/neutered certificate, if applicable.  Each dog will be assigned an official ID number and a corresponding tag will be presented to the owner.  The ID tag number is valid for the life of the dog.

Licenses are in effect for one year.  They must be renewed annually prior to the expiration date.  Renewal forms will be sent directly to the owner. 

The Town of Cornwall’s Local Law has set the fees as follows:

          --$10 for each spayed/neutered dog

          --$20 for each un-spayed/un-neutered dog

          --Guide dogs are exempt from fees but are still

            required to be licensed

          --Senior Citizens (65 & older) receive town discount

The owner of any unlicensed dog that is seized by the Dog Control Officer will be subject to fines as per the Town of Cornwall’s Local Dog Law.

For further information, please call Renata McGee, Town Clerk, Town of Cornwall, at 845-534-9100.